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Our Happy Clients!

Ndaa, rine vha Ha-Tshitangoni na Lugisani rikho livhuwa service ye vha Ha Rirothe Funerals vhari nekedza yone. Yovha tshumelo ya nthesa ufhirisa na zweravha ro lavhelela. Ri tshikhouri, avhaise phanda na u shumela customer dzavho ngau fhulufhedzea. Rofarea zwavhudi nahone rido isa phanda nau tamba society yavho. Ndaa! – Tshitangoni Family
The service we got from Rirothe Funerals undertakers is commendable. What stood out for me was the day of my loved one’s funeral wherein they prepared a nice mat and a spacious stretch tent for the family. This was crucial since it was summer and it was quite hot. They are neat and very organized. Whenever I think of the day of the funeral I do with gratitude to Rirothe Funeral undertakers. The bespoke service of Rirothe made the family feel dignified, the funeral itself was dignified, and that brought comfort to the family. Consequently, many fellow villagers are asking about Rirothe with the aim of joining. – Ramarada Family 

Our Happy Clients!

Thank you so much for your love, kindness and support you have shown to us during our difficult time. Losing a loved one is not easy but you took the burden we had on our shoulder and made everything possible. The funeral service you provided to our family was shinning like a diamond all the way from the beginning to the end of our loved one’s funeral. From the buttom of our hearts we appreciate your service – Mabada Family
We are the Munzhelele family from Tshaulu village,  We used Rirothe services to bury our dad last year, 11 November and their services was amazing and super professional. The business is still new but its service is well planned as it attracts more clients after  the funeral. Everyone was impressed about Rirothe’s  customer service, especially the cemetery decoration as it is something unusual around the community. Their service is marvelous and affordable. We as the Munzhelele family, were very satisfied because our loved one was afforded a dignified and peaceful burial – Munzhelele family